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SPRING FESTIVAL 22-25 September




               Programme of Events


                     Crafter Venues

o    Butterfly’s Bistro

o    Hogsback Inn

o    Jikani

o    Kings Lodge


Vula Vista Room @ The Edge:

o    Azalea Exhibition

o    Bonsai Exhibition

o    Art Exhibition

o    Flower Arrangement Competition


Activities @ Lighthouse:

o    Restaurant & Bar Specials

o    Supervised Trampoline

o    Candle Dipping & Candy Floss

o    Soft Serve Ice Cream
















The Festival of Trees will be held this year on 22 - 25 September 2017 at Terra-Khaya followed by the Eco Week which will run from 26- 29 September and a schools enviro-weekend running form 29 September to 01 October

This years Festival of Trees will  be held on the same weekend as the Hogsback Spring festival and they are working with the garden club to see how they can collaborate during the weekend and they are aiming at changing the planting component of the festival and including other key role players like the Cape Parrot Project, WESSA, Endangered Wildlife Trust and private property owners in Hogsback, in the tree planting activities and reforestation program



Kempston Hogsback Trail Run 2017


 Merrell Hobbit Trail runs

 The annual Hobbit Trail runs. In 2018 the runs are on the

28th/29th April 2018  

The two day 90km starts on the 28th and then the 38km, 16km and 5km events are on the 29th April from Arminel Hotel.  


Graham Bird

Mountain Runner Events






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