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Hogsback Autumn Celebration 12-14 May 2017



Hogsback Winter Celebration

(Xmas in July)

Xmas in July became a very popular event in this region. New proposals are for the event to be held over a period of two weekends and the week in between so that we can have a Hogsback Winter Celebration during the period 19th to 30th July 2017. Establishments can plan events over these two weekends. The week in between can be used for interesting workshops and other such activities. Change always bring new challenges but also new opportunities. The new era we enter now opens the possibility to look at a new form of celebrating the winter in Hogsback.



Applications for the 30 spots on the Merrell Hobbit 90km Journey open at 18h00 15 Oct 2016

Full details for this and entries for the 38km and 16km events on the website http://mountainrunner.co.za/events/hobbit-trail-run/


Hogsback Autumn Celebration 12-14 May 2017




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