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1. Name:

o The name of the Orginization shall be HOGSBACK COMMUNITY TOURISM ORGINISATION – located in WARD 15 NKONKOBE REGION - hereafter referred to as the "HCTO".

2. Region:

o The HCTO’s operations will be directed at the whole of Ward 15 Nkonkobe Region and the natural attractions that surround it.

3. Location:

o The office of the HCTO shall be at suitable premises in the Village of Hogsback.

4. Preamble:

o The HCTO is an orginization committed to the ideals of democracy, development, and is committed to encourage the creation of an economically viable region. It will strive to optimize the tourism potential of Ward 15 through:

o Marketing and information efforts

o Facilitation of tourists needs.

o Developing, encouraging and promoting establishments and amenities.

o Encouraging responsible tourism amongst Tourism Product Owners (TPO’s) & related buisnesses in order to balance the environmental, social, cultural, heritage and economic goals of our region.

5. Objectives:

The objectives of the HCTO shall be:

o To run a Visitors Information Centre in Hogsback for the dissemination of information, for the assistance and education for the benefit of both visitors and residents.

o To establish a vigorous multilevel tourism culture in the region to ensure that the benefits of tourism to the local economy are understood and shared by all.

o To encourage and assist the development of tourism in both urban and rural communities within the region.

o To encourage responsible tourism in order to protect our local environmental and heritage assests, and to balance social, economic, and other goals within the region.

o To build an image and identity for the region and its geographic position in the ‘Amathole Mountain Region’ in co-operation with other HCTO’s with similar objectives.

o To adopt an integrated approach to all tourism development in the region in harmony with the environment.

o To encourage a continuous programme of product development with a view to widen the scope for responsible tourist interest and activity - to include tourist routes, package tours, sporting events and marketing tools such as promotional items for sale, activity maps, visitors guides, product brochures and special events.

o To encourage a cost effective programme of marketing actions with a view to promote the tourism products of the region to domestic and international markets.


o To encourage excellence in all aspects of tourism in the region and assist in providing skills training to further that end.

o To foster and encourage a spirit of pride among residents of the region for the upliftment of the entire community.

o To foster and encourage enviromentally responsible practices amongst the TPO’s and residents of the region.

6. Status:

o The HCTO is a non profit orginization and will comply to all good governance practices that pertain to this type of organization.

o The HCTO shall be a universitas with full legal status capable of owning immovable property independently of its members and of suing and being sued in its own name.

o The HCTO shall have the power to acquire rights and obligations in its own name.

o The income and property of the HCTO shall be applied solely towards the achievement of the objectives of the HTCO and no portion shall be paid or transferred to any person whether directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise, except by way of remuneration for services, quoted for and approved by the EXCO and therafter rendered.

7. Membership:

o Membership shall be available to TPO’s and residents in Ward 15 Nonkonkobie region and without exclusion TPO’s and residents from neigbouring areas.

o Membership of the HCTO is open to any and all groups, Service Clubs and Community Organization and to individuals that wish to support, contribute to and participate in the facilitation of tourism activities in the Hogsback Area.

o All members shall abide by the HCTO code of conduct.

o Members are encouraged to commit to a Monthly Pledge.

o HTCO Members who support the HCTO by way of a monthly pledge payments (Supporting Member) are entitled to be included in various appropriate marketing, media, publicity and other value added promotional opportunities that the HCTO & VIC may arrange from time to time.

o All Supporting Members of the HTCO shall be listed on the community tourism and social media websites.

8. Termination of Membership:

o Any Member ceases to be a Member of the HTCO, when that Member resigns in writing, or fails to renew their annual membership fee and/or pay their monthly pledge for a period of 6 months.

9. Membership Fees:

o The amount of the annual Membership Fee shall be decided by the EXCO and shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

o All annual Membership Fees shall be payable on the 1st of March.

o All members who have paid their annual Membership Fee and have supported the HCTO by payment of a Monthly Pledge for a minimum period of 6 months shall be entitled to 1 vote at the AGM, and shall be entitled to sit on the EXCO or hold any office in the HCTO or sub committees thereof.

o Membership fees and pledge payments are not refundable.

10. Management:

o The management of the HCTO shall be vested in an Exective Committee (EXCO) consisting of a minimum of five members who are tourist product owners, or their representative, and who represent different stakeholders (e.g. hotels, arts and culture, self-catering establishments and B&B’s, adventure tourism etc.)

o The EXCO will be elected at the first General Meeting of Members. Subsequently EXCO Members will be nominated and elected at the Annual General Meeting. Such nominations


must be in writing and be received prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting. All nominees must give written acceptance of their nominations. Nkonkobe Municipality shall automatically be entitled to one nomination.

o The EXCO shall meet monthly with a minimum of ten meetings a year.

o Decisions of the EXCO shall be taken by a majority vote of those present. In the event of voting being even, the Chairperson, or any other EXCO Member presiding, shall have a casting vote.

o Any elected or co-opted Member of the EXCO who is absent from three consecutive meetings, without an apology to the EXCO, shall cease to be a Member of the EXCO unless excused by the EXCO.

The EXCO shall have the following powers:

o To recommend the appointment of and/or the dismissal of, and to be activly involed in the management of employees contracted by the Nkonkobe Local Municiplity as a part of the operation of the HCTO and its various structures.

o To appoint and dismiss such paid officers and employees as it may deem necessary and to fix their emoluments and conditions of service.

o To appoint and dismiss any Sub-Committee. Such Sub-Committee to be comprised of members of the Committee and/or other persons.

o The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall be ex officio members of all Sub-Committees.

o To open a bank account in the name of the HCTO and to draw, accept cheques and other negotiable instruments which shall be authorized by the EXCO. The signatories of all such negotiable instruments shall be nominated at the first meeting of the EXCO.

o To invest monies of the HCTO not immediately required for the purposes of the HCTO, but only in a registered bank.

o To enter into all such negotiations and contracts and to rescind and vary such contracts and execute and do all such acts, deeds and things in the name and on behalf of the HCTO as it may be considered expedient for or in relation to any of the matters aforesaid, or otherwise for the purpose of the HCTO.

o Generally to make all arrangements, financial or otherwise, for the conducting of the affairs of the HCTO.

o To accept funds or goods collected or bequeathed in accordance with the conditions of the collection or bequest.

o Proper minutes shall be kept of every meeting. These minutes shall be circulated to the EXCO, and shall be available to any supporting member on their request.

o A news-letter shall be circulated to all members of the HCTO from time-to-time.

11. The VIC:

o Is established as an operating office under the management of the HCTO, and is tasked the promotion to visitors of Hogsback Village and all its Tourism Products, and the Hogsback environment and ecology.

o Shall deal with enquiries directed through the Hogsback tourism websites, multimedia platforms and other telecommunications media, in a friendly helpful and professional manner.

o Functions as a distribution and sales outlet for local craft, art and other products.

o The VIC will charge a handling commission of 20% - 30% of the sale price of all stock.

o The VIC shall sell the Participatory Forest Management (PFM) Hiking Trail Maintenance Levy Permits and shall receive a 20% commission on the proceeds.

o Shall promote the Hogsback hiking trails, collect Hiking Levies and report all trail maintenance issues per email to the PFM & CTO EXCO’s.

o All income and expenditure of the VIC shall be recorded on daily cash up sheets and a monthly summery shall be prepared for the CTO financial officer.

o The VIC shall prepare a monthly operations report that will be submitted to the HCTO EXCO and to the NLM.

o It is required that the appointed Manager of the VIC shall attend all HCTO EXCO monthly meetings and any other meetings that may be convened by the EXCO from time-to-time.

o It is required that the appointed Manager of the VIC shall attend all PFM EXCO monthly meetings.

12. Financial Administration:

o True accounts shall be kept of monies received and expended by the HCTO.

o The HCTO shall maintain bank accounts under its name with a registered commercial bank.


o The financial year shall be from 1st March of one year to the end of February of the next year, or part thereof for the first year. Annual financial accounts of the affairs of the VIC and the HCTO must be drawn up and be made available to all HCTO members.

o Such accounts shall be presented annually at the Annual General Meeting.

13. General Meetings:

o The HCTO shall hold its Annual General Meeting within three calendar months of the financial year-end to:

o Receive the Annual Report from the Chairperson.

o Consider the financials accounting.

o Elect EXCO members.

o Deal with any other matters raised by paid-up Supporting Members at the meeting.

o A Special General Meeting may be called on the written request by at least ten paid-up members of the HCTO, or at the discretion of the EXCO should the need arise.

o At least twenty-one days’ notice shall be given to members of any Special General Meeting.

o At a Special General Meeting only items appearing on the agenda will be discussed.

o At least fourteen days’ notice shall be given to members of the Annual General Meeting.

o A quorum at any Special or Annual General Meeting shall be 30% of the members or by proxy held. Should a quorum not be present the meeting shall reconvene on the same day of the following week and the members then present shall constitute a quorum.

14. Amendment of Constitution:

o The Constitution of the HCTO may be amended or added to by Supporting Members at any Special or Annual General Meeting.

15. Dissolution

o The HCTO may be dissolved if at least two thirds of the members are present and are voting on such a proposal at an AGM.

o Or a Special General Meeting may be convened for the express purpose of considering such matters and if at least two thirds of the members present are in favour of dissolution.

o Not less than 60 days notice shall be given of such a Special General Meeting, and if there is no quorum present, the meeting shall stand adjourned for not less than a week, and then the members attending the subsequent meeting shall constitute a quorum.

o In the event of a majority vote being recorded in favour of dissolution then the procedure of dissolution shall take place within three (3)months from such a decision.

o After dissolution, if there remain any assets after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, such assets shall be given over to another organization with similar objectives, to be determined by the members or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

16. Date of Commencement:

o This Constitution as presently framed was adopted at the AGM, held in Hogsback on the 4th day June 2014.

o We the members of the EXCO hereby authorize Mr. B Corrigan, in his capacity as Chairman, to sign the Constitution of The Hogsback Community Tourist Orginisation, Ward 15, Nkonkobe region.

SIGNED ________________________________ AT HOGSBACK, ON_______________________________

WITNESS________________________________ WITNESS__________________________________



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